The Brief

Create a global brand platform for Chang Beer by introducing authentic Thai cuisine to the world.


International Beverages


How an iconic Thai brand exports more than just its golden brew.

Our Approach

If Thailand is the ‘Land of Smiles’, what makes the Thais so happy? Is it what they eat? Or the company they keep?

Maybe it’s their love of beer.

We couldn’t decide, so we created a festival that satisfied all three and then some, bringing a modern Thai experience to Singapore, London and San Francisco.

Between the 3 cities, 30 top Thai restaurants teamed up with our Michelin-starred chef ambassadors, Bo and Dylan, to serve up a tantalising selection of specially curated dishes inspired by their fondest memories.

Visitors also got to enjoy the vibrant art on display at the festival. From a stunning graffiti mural photowall, to our Herb Hill centrepiece – a geometric art installation and seating area which blended woodworking with Thailand’s iconic herbs.

To round off the festival, live musical performances kept attendees in high spirits, with sunny, soul music during the day, and pumping dance tracks that played well in the night. Heck, we even timed Singapore’s Chang Sensory Trails with the country’s National Day Parade rehearsal – a stunning display of fireworks to top it all off.

With the conditions just right, the only thing better than the good food and refreshing beer we served, was the amount of indelible moments we created.

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The Results

The festival drew 13,921 attendees, garnering USD$4mil worth of PR value and 1.3mil social engagement.