The Brief

Create a social campaign to promote Chang Beer’s product credentials.


International Beverages


How a Thai beer shows its craft, by showing its philosophy.

Our Approach

If it’s important for people to know how a beer brand brews their beer, what inspires Chang to craft the taste of Thai perfection?

For that, you only have to look as far as the country it calls home.

As an iconic Thai brand known globally, we felt there was a responsibility to export something greater than its golden brew, and just as authentic: ‘Lamiat’, a philosophy at the heart of Thai craftsmanship.

Launching a mini-documentary that explores this concept, ‘Spirit of Lamiat’ follows three local craftsmen who embody this spirit – a Michelin-starred chef, pioneer organic agriculturist and renowned ceramist.

By championing ‘Lamiat’, Chang continues to display its Thai provenance through a social campaign that aims to inspire local pride and fascinate the rest of the world.