The Brief

Launch Häagen-Dazs’ festive flavours over the Christmas period and of course, drive sales.


General Mills


How can an ice cream made only from real ingredients bring real meaning to Christmas?

Our Approach

Every Christmas, Häagen-Dazs launches a few festive flavours, served in pints or as special desserts in its retail stores across the region.

But more often than not, these flavours will be introduced to consumers in a tactical manner, with little brand messaging.

So for our first Häagen-Dazs project with General Mills, we wanted to do a little bit more.

At the heart of Häagen-Dazs are 100% real, high-quality ingredients that not many people know about. On the flipside, modern-day Christmas isn’t all that real anymore. From a season all about sharing, it has become about gifting.

So with all that in mind, we traveled across 3 countries, brought couples together, told a few real, meaningful stories and ate too much ice cream.

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The Results

A 250% increase in sales of Häagen-Dazs’ festive flavours over the campaign period, compared to 2014.

Over 5 million video views across Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

29,530 microsite sign ups for the activation. All available slots were taken up within 24 hours.

• General Mills Global Best Marketing 2015