The Brief

Convince Singaporean travellers to try Airbnb for the first time by showing them that Airbnb can be trusted, no matter how skeptical they may be.




How we converted Airbnb unbelievers by bringing them everywhere, without going anywhere.

Our Approach

Everyone knows Airbnb. But in 2015, while 30% of Singaporeans were registered users, only 10% were active users. The rest had reservations about Airbnb, believing that what they see online will never be what they experience in real life.

Singaporeans are after all, a rather picky and sceptical bunch.

So, what if we could get them to try Airbnb for the first time, without travelling anywhere?

At the Singapore Design Week’s anchor festival, we built an Airbnb “home”.

Inside, 3D projection artists, architects and interior designers created an experience that mirrored 4 actual Airbnb listings from various destinations.

Visitors watched as their surroundings changed — from a quaint Parisian apartment to a beach hut in Bali.

An Airbnb host addressed visitors too. Doubts were answered. And everyone received a $50 Airbnb discount voucher and was encouraged to sign up for an account on the spot.

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The Results

In just 6 days, 15,000 people visited the experience.

New Airbnb registrations during the period increased by 12%.

Bookings from Singapore in the ensuing period increased by 28%, with current (and previously dormant) users forming 16% of that total.

The experience was also featured on leading local and overseas media outlets such as The Straits Times, Today, Mashable, DesignTaxi, FastCompany and Designboom, generating over USD1 million in PR value.

And of course, our clients were very pleased too.