The Brief

Create an employer branding campaign for one of Singapore’s largest early childhood educators.


NTUC First Campus


A career with flexibility and time — in rhymes.

Our Approach

As one of Singapore’s leading childcare operator networks in Singapore, NTUC First Campus (NFC) offers a suite of services and support that give children from working families equal access to quality early education and care, no matter their backgrounds.

And when it comes to their people, they care just as much.

So for their 2021 employer branding campaign, we put the spotlight on NFC’s progressive policies and flexible benefits, as well as their belief that everyone should pursue their interests, passions and loves out of work. Because it is only when we harness the best of our lives outside the classroom, that we become the best we can be in it.

Driven by the slogan, “You Are More”, we launched the campaign with a film that explored the double lives of actual NFC employees — at work and at play. Complete with whimsical rhymes inspired by children’s books like the Dr. Seuss series, and delightfully delivered by the voice of film and theatre actor, Adrian Pang.

The same rhyming device was employed on web banners and digital posters too, from the branding phase through to the recruitment one. All for an organisation that believes in learning through play. And a career that offers loads of it.