The Brief

Strengthen Absolut Vodka’s brand image through the art and creativity shown in its collaborations with various artists.


Pernod Ricard Singapore

Absolut Vodka – Absolut Canvas

An exhibition that unbottled a brand.

Our Approach

Everyone’s heard of Absolut Vodka. The problem is most people in Singapore know it for the drink it sells, but not for what it represents.

So we showcased Absolut Vodka’s ties to the arts and creative scene the only way we knew how: as the first alcohol brand to ever appear in the National Museum of Singapore.

On top of that, Absolut Canvas was the first exhibition of its kind in the world, displaying over 100 of the world’s rarest Absolut Vodka bottle designs in a well-curated journey.

An interactive art installation turned visitors into musicians while a pop-up bar gave visitors a sample of Absolut Vodka’s creativity through its fusion flavors and handcrafted cocktails. With that, the brand stood for something much bigger than its drink.


The Results

58,457 exhibition visitors engaged with the brand throughout the 11-day exhibition.

187,471 Facebook fans were reached, resulting in a 704.3% increase in engagement.

Over $4mil worth of PR value garnered with $0 spend on ATL mediums.