The Brief

Create buzz and drive viewership of ‘Alone’, History Channel’s newest reality TV series.


A+E Networks

History Channel – Alone

Instead of just watching a TV show, we let consumers experience it instead.

Our Approach

New TV shows are a dime a dozen on channels. Unless the show has a stellar cast, it’s hard to break through the clutter.

So, how do you advertise to an audience who would probably just change the channel?

You don’t advertise. You let audiences experience the show instead.

By being the first in South East Asia to use the Oculus Rift headset commercially, we created an immersive simulation that mirrored the TV series’ storyline. Customised content was created to give people the experience of being stuck in the wilderness alone.

And they felt it all in 4D, as if they were really there.


The Results

Alone premiered #1 in Thailand and in the Top 3 in Malaysia and Philippines.

Viewership was 127% above the regional prime time average.

The video had 1.4 million views on History Asia’s Facebook page in the span of 2 weeks.