The Brief

Create buzz and drive viewership of ‘Roots’, HISTORY Channel’s modern remake of a beloved 1970s miniseries.


A+E Networks Asia


How we made the show relevant to millenials, by reframing its themes for a new generation.

Our Approach

As a story of one man’s legacy to overcome historical slavery in America, Roots enjoys a very niche appeal outside the country.

So to make the show more relevant to the rest of the world, we wanted to change people’s perceptions of modern slavery, just like what the show does for its past.

Millenials don’t know that their online shopping funds industries like fast fashion, one of the biggest culprits of modern slavery.

By putting a slave for sale on their favourite e-commerce sites, we were able to engage millenials and promote the show in way they would immediately understand.

ROOTS Feature

The Results

40 e-commerce partners and 70 celebrities lent their voice to the cause.

The campaign reached more than 30 million people, generating 50 million impressions, and raising $54,667 within 3 days of the campaign.

Partnered e-commerce site traffic increased by 84%.

Roots debuted as the #1 show in its timeslot, enjoying 512% viewership above primetime average.

• PromaxBDA 2016
Best Promotional Campaign for TV Show - Silver