The Brief

Create awareness for ‘Human Journey: How The World Made America’, a HISTORY Channel documentary series.


A+E Networks Asia

History Channel – Surname Stories

To get people interested in migration history, we got personal.

Our Approach

In a sea of social clutter, how do you get someone’s attention? You tell a story with their name on it.

To create awareness for the series, we crafted 20 tales of migration around Asia’s popular surnames, with one common message – your history is more captivating than you know.

Our intriguing tales gave people a compelling, personal reason to share and tag these stories with others in the same lineage, as well as their friends.

And it wasn’t long before the media and celebrities caught on, proving that when it comes to history, there’s no denying the weight a name carries.


The Results

With a media budget of USD$5,000, we achieved 24,529 shares out of 1.1 million engagements (that’s 108% above Facebook average).

The campaign generated 18.2 million impressions and garnered a reach of 11.2 million, helping the show premiere at #1 across factual channels during its timeslot.