The Brief

Create awareness for the launch of Maggi’s new variant, Hokkien Char Mee.




How our Hungry Ghost Festival stunt gave Singaporeans a taste of something darker.

Our Approach

To launch MAGGI’s dark sauce Hokkien Char Mee, we made people afraid to try it, by setting up a sampling booth you’d never want to visit at night.

Bringing the flavour’s ‘darkness’ to life by leveraging on the spookiness of the Hungry Ghost Festival, we knew that with the Pokemon GO craze, plenty of late night players were ripe for the scaring.

Posting up an unbranded, amateur car-cam video, our eerie footage drove people nuts as it made its rounds on major local platforms. At the height of its social frenzy, MAGGI owned up to the stunt with a reveal video.


The Results

Organically, both videos achieved a reach of 5.9 million, gathering more than 2.9 million views with over 89,000 engagements.

Product sales increased by 188% compared to average.

• Creative Circle Awards 2016
Best Social Media Campaign - Silver

• ADFEST 2017
Best Use of Social Media & Earned Media - Bronze

• EFFIE Singapore 2017