The Brief

Create buzz and drive footfall for National Gallery Singapore’s very first Children’s Biennale.


National Gallery Singapore

National Gallery Singapore – Children’s Biennale

In a mad race to enrich our kids, National Gallery Singapore had a radical idea: To let them be kids

Our Approach

Despite their many successes, the children of Singapore are stressed. Between chasing good grades and the general kiasuism us adults impose on them, they’ve forgotten a little something.

Their dreams.

We hit the streets to remind kids, and more importantly their parents, that most precious gift we can give our kids is the time to dream.

So we let kids be kids.

As our kids shared their dreams with us, we had them brought to life in real time by an illustrator, without their knowledge. When they finally saw their dreams playing out, they went wild. And parents were given a window into the true joy their children feel when they let their imaginations run wild.

But we didn’t stop there, we turned those illustrations into the very ads that drove traffic to the exhibition, making it a campaign by kids, for kids.


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The Results

We achieved a total footfall of 480,017 for the 4 month exhibition, more than 3 times what the Gallery had targeted.

The film for our activation was viewed more than 672, 490 times on social media, a record for any film put out by the National Gallery by a long way.

We achieved more than 800,000 media impressions, 17% more than had been anticipated.

Creative Circle Awards 2017

Design – Bronze.