The Brief

Create buzz among selected influencers for Netflix’s upcoming shows – Okja, Glow and Narcos.




How we turned an ordinary afternoon tea session into a multisensorial journey into Netflix’s shows.

Our Approach

This was supposed to be a straightforward brief.

But we don’t settle for straightforward when we have the chance to do something more interesting.

Club Netflix is a closed community that is made up of Asia’s biggest influencers, who are also big fans of Netflix’s shows. We were tasked to invite them over to introduce them to the upcoming shows. But, we figured it wouldn’t do any justice to the shows and more importantly, to their superfans.

We wanted to carry the drama of watching Netflix into real life.

So, we went big – 3 experiential zones kind of big. To drive hype and fully immerse these hard-core fans into Netflix’s shows, we got creative. We built engaging activities and photo opportunities at every corner to make it easy for influencers to create and share content with their followers.

Influencers got involved in the search for Okja through a green screen booth where they interacted and filmed a short movie trailer, starring themselves.

At Narcos, a wall was constructed to highlight the sheer power and wealth of the Cali Cartel, the season’s protagonists, through things familiar to most Singaporeans – kopi peng, HDB apartments and cars.

Over at Glow, professional makeup artists gave influencers a thumb wrestler makeover before they entered the ring for a thumb wrestling match. We even got a professional pro-wrestling commentator to make the wrestling atmosphere as realistic as possible.

All these resulted in an unexpected influx of organic posts by surprised influencers who shared their experiences with their followers, which generated hype and awareness for Netflix and their upcoming shows.

After all, there’s no better way to show drama than to let them explore that for themselves in the real world.